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Great Foot Care Tips for Diabetics

Diabetics, generally, have a lot of tasks on their daily agenda. In order to stay healthy and control their disease they go through routines that include monitoring blood sugar levels, eating a balanced diet, exercising, and sticking to a medication plan. Besides all of that, there is another critical thing they must do: pay attention to their feet.

The undeniable importance of diabetic foot care stems from the effects the disease can have on the body. Nerve damage caused by increased blood sugar levels can result in a loss of feeling in the feet. When dealing with another affect of poor circulation, a dangerous combination is formed. Cuts and blisters that would normally be noticed, can then go unfelt. If left untreated, an infection can set in due to the lack of blood flow and ability to properly heal.
Refraining taking the necessary steps to actively care for your feet, what may start as a minor issue can develop into a seriously situation, one that may lead to hospitalization and a possible an amputation.

Five Essential Foot Care Tips

Check Feet on a Daily Basis: This may seem simple, but it requires a certain level of dedication and diligence. Diabetics should inspect their feet for things like corns, infected toenails, areas of redness, and calluses. Through this self-assessment, early diagnosis is possible and further complications can be prevented.

Don’t Go Bare foot: Protect your feet from potential injuries such as cuts and burns by wearing shoes and socks. On the same note, shoes should be supportive, cushioned, and fit properly.

Encourage Blood Flow: Each day, those with diabetes should move their toes and ankles around to aid in proper circulation. They should also walk and stand whenever possible. Sitting with crossed legs should be avoided, and smoking cigarettes should be stopped, as it can diminish blood flow.

Maintain Properly Groomed Feet: To lessen the risk of infection, feet should be cleaned and dried daily. Afterwards, toenails should be trimmed and cut straight across.

Avoid Extremes: Since nerve damage can cause numbness in the feet, extreme temperatures may not be noticeable. Precaution in this area first involves checking water temperature, with the elbow, before putting feet in hot or cold water. Feet should also be kept warm with socks during the night or in cold weather.

Keeping Diabetic Feet Happy & Healthy

All of these tips work together to make sure diabetics stay on the top of their game when it comes to caring for their feet. Knowing what the positive impact proper foot care can have on health, regular checkups with a podiatrist are recommended and immediate medical attention should be sought if concerning issues like a cut occurs.

At Superior Foot & Ankle Care Center, we offer the highest level of medical knowledge and skill that diabetic patients need. From treatments and exams, to footwear selection assistance and care instruction, our goal is to help ensure feet stay happy and healthy for a lifetime. If you are diabetic and would like to remain on the right track with your foot health, contact our office in Long Beach today.

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