How long is the recovery from bunion surgery?
The recovery for bunion surgery varies depending on a number of factors which include: the procedure chosen to correct the bunion, patient’s age and medical status. The procedure is out-patient and patients are advised to rest and elevate their foot most of the time the first few weeks following surgery. They will wear a surgical boot and transition to a gym shoe once adequate healing occurs.

How much pain is there after bunion surgery?
The doctors at Superior Foot & Ankle Care Center make every effort to make your surgical experience comfortable. We use long acting local anesthetics along with safe twilight sedation for surgery. Our anesthesiologists also administer specialized long acting nerve blocks to patients undergoing more complex procedures. These blocks can eliminate pain for 3-4 days! When the patient leaves the hospital or surgery center, there is virtually no pain. This sets a positive tone for the recovery. Patients are sent home with medications to control any discomfort that might occur.

How long does it take to get an appointment?
We usually can offer an appointment the same day or within 24 hours.

Where should I park?
Our office features a complimentary on-site parking lot (ground-level) which is easy and convenient for patients of all conditions. The spots marked “Reserved” are reserved for your use and you can park there for your appointment.

Does Superior Foot & Ankle Care Center take my insurance?
Superior Foot & Ankle Care Center is affiliated with most insurance plans and Medicare. We do not accept Medi-Cal. We always suggest that you call the number on the back of your insurance card to confirm benefits before your appointment.

What hospitals or Surgery Centers is your practice affiliated with?
We are associated with Los Alamitos Medical Center, Los Alamitos Surgery Center, Long Beach Memorial, Lakewood Regional Medical Center and MemorialCare Outpatient Surgery Center.

Does your practice treat ankle pain or fractures?
Yes. Superior Foot & Ankle Care Center physicians are fully qualified to treat all injuries of the foot and ankle.

Does your office accept Medicare and Medi-Cal?
We are happy to see Medicare patients. We do not accept Medi-Cal insurance.

Does your practice specialize in the care of children and infants?
Both of our physicians treat pediatric patients but if you have a special need, please speak to our appointment secretary when making your appointment.

Does your office take walk-ins?
No. The individual time and attention that we provide to each patient requires an appointment. We often times can offer same day appointments but strongly encourage you to call the office first.

Does your office take emergency appointments?
Yes, but please phone ahead so we can let you know what time we can treat you.

Can you take x-rays in your office?
Yes. Our digital x-ray system produces images instantaneously.

Do I need to bring in my written referral?
If you have a HMO insurance that requires a referral, you must bring a written referral to each visit in order to be seen.

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