Paula O.

“Most complete foot & ankle care, diagnosis, treatment &/or surgery. I know from personal experience how good Superior Foot & Ankle Care Center is, I have been a patient for many years.”

Kevin W.

“Always worth the 850 mile drive to see Dr. Ornelas. The scheduling staff are so amazing too as I have to juggle other appointments around LA.”

Morningstar H.

“I had a very painful ingrown toenail. I put off getting it taken care of until I met Dr. Vikki. She made it so easy. The procedure was pain-free and my recovery was smooth and rapid. Dr. Vikki is very professional and compassionate. She was very knowledgeable with the latest techniques, explaining everything clearly. She is an advocate of patient education, allowing me to make informed decision and prevent problems in the future. I highly recommend her for any of your foot care needs.”

Del C.


Del Clark put off ingrown toenail surgery for for years. After tiring of “home surgery”, which involved scissors and tweezers, Del contacted Dr. Foley. “Surgical procedures have advanced dramatically and recovery time has also been greatly, reduced,” Dr. Foley told the reluctant Clark. The actual surgery took less than 45 minutes and Del was back taking regular walks within shortly thereafter. “If I’d known that removing my ingrown toenail was as painless as it was under the steady hand of Dr. Foley, I would have done it years ago, “ said Del. The happy patient recently took part in a 60 mile “pain free” Cancer Walk.

Nancy K.

Emergency room nurse and avid distance runner Nancy Kazan, was diagnosed with Morton’s neuroma. This injury makes the person feel like they’re walking on a hot rock or sock is bunched up in the ball of the foot. After non-invasive treatment failed, Dr. Foley employed a new surgery called the Kobe treatment. This minimal incision surgical technique proved to be the answer as Nancy was back to work in nine days and running in a month. “Dr. Foley looks you in the eye and explains things,’” said Nancy. “You’re confident you’re in excellent hands.”

Kimberly K.


Bunions on both big toes had been bothering Kimberly Kofford for almost 20 years. She had learned to live with the pain. But when she couldn’t find a pair of shoes that fit, it was time for drastic measures. “I put off thinking about surgery for years. It’s not something you can do with young children,” said the Seal Beach mother of two. The years passed and the pain increased. “It was even painful when I went to sleep. If I turned to my right side it would rub the bunion,” said Kimberly. “And my work-outs at the gym became really uncomfortable. Even driving the car, because working the pedals was unpleasant.” Enter Dr. Foley. “Kim was another patient who, for a lot of reasons, had put off surgery,” said Dr. Foley. “Some people hear horror stories. For Kim it was a timing issue with her children being so young. After the exam, I performed a bunionectomy. Kim followed my instructions and had virtually a pain-free experience.” “Dr. Foley told me exactly what to expect and didn’t sugarcoat the procedure,” said Kim. The recovery period went as Dr. Foley had predicted and Kim is now a “pain free” mom. “It is so nice to walk, work-out and BUY shoes that fit,” said Kim. “I’ve scheduled my second surgery on my left big toe for late summer. “Kim’s story is typical of most of our bunion patients,” Dr. Foley said. “Surgical technology and the recovery period have made bunionectomies extremely viable for almost

James R.

Long Beach native, James Rhoden, was having issues cutting his toenails. His diabetes, lack of mobility and subsequent weight gain had made this simple task extremely difficult. Dr. Foley addressed a more immediate problem on one of his first appointments. “His skin color was horrible, there was no blood in his face, he was short of breath and dizzy” Dr. Foley observed. “He had more serious problems than cutting toenails.” Off to Los Alamitos Medical Center emergency room he went. James was quickly admitted and was transfused seven pints of blood. He had internal bleeding and substantial loss of blood as a complication of diverticulitis. “Dr. Foley saved my life,” says the thankful James. “Without her insisting I go to the hospital, I probably would have put it off another week or so and my doctors told me that would have been fatal,” he added. With one health issue successfully addressed, it was onto the primary reason for his visit with Dr. Foley. “I had always been active, but as I got older I suffered injuries, had a knee replacement, put on weight and was diabetic,” says the former master machinist. James was the perfect patient for MicroVas, one of Dr. Foley’s most successful treatment procedures, which aids greatly in stimulating circulation. “I felt an improvement immediately,” said James. “The MicroVas treatments made my legs feel better and with Dr. Foley’s comprehensive fitness plan, I’m motivated to be more active.” “We’ve been using MicroVas for over two years and our success rate has been excellent,” says Dr. Foley. “What’s most encouraging is that patients feel the difference almost immediately.”

Laura R.

After corrective hammertoe surgery failed to heal correctly, Terry Reilly sought out Dr. Foley’s help. “I immediately felt Dr. Foley had a grasp of my situation, “said Reilly. After getting a second opinion, Reilly scheduled surgery with Dr. Foley. For the first time in over 18 months her feet and an look great. “Sandals and flip-flops are once again part of my wardrobe,” Laura adds.

Charles B.


Charles Beals suffered from painful feet. He tried everything to battle the pain, different doctors, increased medication and even acupuncture. Dr. Foley diagnosed Charles’ problem as peripheral neuropathy and quickly started the retired county sheriff on MicroVas (one of Dr. Foley’s ) most popular and successful treatments.) “By the second week I could feel improvement. Dr. Foley is wonderful. Anita and Terry create a comfortable atmosphere,’” Beals said, who’s happy doing the simple things in life, like walking his dog-pain free.

David R.

College basketball player David Retzlaff turned to Dr. Foley to rejuvenate his basketball career after suffering from painful Achilles tendonitis for months. “Dr. Foley outlined a total physical therapy program,” said Dave. The treatment included: anti-inflammatories, an Achilles brace, orthotics, heel cups and even an electric stimulator for at home use. Dave also attended physical therapy sessions to work on his hip flexors. After an intense five months of treatment and therapy, Dave is close to his pre-injury level of play. “It helped that Dr. Foley understands athletes having played herself, ” Dave added.

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