Superior DoctorsAn anatomical understanding of your feet can help you accurately communicate symptoms to the staff at Superior Foot & Ankle Care Center and goes a long way towards helping you prepare for your appointment. We wanted to provide our patients with this information as a sort of reference guide to get them up to speed on the parts and functions of the foot. Really though, the human foot is a fantastic feat of biomechanical engineering, and even someone with no foot problems to speak of can appreciate the often-overlooked, but incredibly important piece of anatomy that is the human foot.

This understanding also goes a long way towards the overall health and and wellness of your feet. Maintaining healthy feet and ankles is perhaps one of the most important parts of remaining active and mobile. We’ve unfortunately seen many patients who are saddened or even clinically depressed over not being able to participate in their favored activities because of injuries or illness of the feet. We specialize in treating and preventing these issues, but our job is made much easier if you have a basic understanding of just what is going on with your feet. Being able to tell us more accurately where the pain is coming from, or what functionality is lacking in your foot or ankle makes the job of diagnosing much easier.The muscles and soft tissue systems that make up your feet are extremely complex. Injuries or other issues can be difficult for diagnose without a clear understanding of how these systems work.

So, before your visit, be sure to study this cutaway diagram. It provides excellent information on the bone and ligament structures of your feet. In total, your feet are made up of 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 tendons. This huge number of moving parts means that each person we see in a day is likely to have a different issue with their feet, so being able to narrow down exactly what issues you’re having before you come in can do wonders for speeding up your diagnosis, and for getting you back out to doing what you want, instead of what your feet will allow. This diagram should explain the basics of the foot so you can more accurately show us what hurts, and even understand why it hurts. We want you to be completely informed about your health, and be able to trust us implicitly in the care and maintenance of your feet. Being an active participant in your foot care process is extremely beneficial in the long run.


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Importance of the Feet

Sadly, many people choose to neglect their feet unless they have something immediately threatening like an ankle sprain. This of course can lead to both long term issues that may require surgery to mend, as well as preventable issues like toenail fungus. Don’t be one of those people. Taking care of your feet is simple and easy, as long as you listen to your podiatrists. No one wants to be limited in their day-to-day lives because of issues like foot and ankle pain, and because of great podiatrists like those at the Superior Foot and Ankle Care Center in Long Beach, you don’t have to.

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