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Give Your Feet a Gift this Holiday

Tis’ the season for shopping, baking, mailing and attending festive gatherings. And who is it that enables you to enjoy all the merry making of the holiday season? It’s your feet! At Superior Foot & Ankle Care Center we’d like to suggest some great gift ideas for those two very helpful parts of your body.

Moisture Wicking Socks—if you’re a sports enthusiast or just someone who’s on the go all the time these socks will whisk perspiration away from your feet. They can also be the inner layer of a double pair of socks if a ski vacation or other colder climate trip is part of your holiday plans. Keeping feet dry helps them stay warm and can prevent fungal infections (which love moist, dark places) from developing.

Insulated Water Bottle—you may not see the immediate connection to your feet on this one but drinking plenty of water is one way to prevent edema or swelling of your lower legs, ankles and feet. This means less pain at the end of a long day.

New Pair of Walking or Running Shoes—treat your feet to top quality exercise shoes. Have your foot professionally measured at a store that specializes in fitness footwear. Be sure to tell the shoe salesman about any conditions you have such as plantar fasciitis, flat feet or overpronation. Shoes that fit properly and accommodate any deformities or existing conditions will make exercising much more pleasurable and less likely to cause an injury. An added bonus: if you’re motivated to exercise you’ll have an easier time maintaining a healthy weight—a positive factor in preventing several foot disorders.

Super Emollient Foot Cream—nothing says “thanks” like a foot massage at the end of the day with a rich lotion or cream. Feet will stay moist and supple and unlikely to develop cracks or red, flaky patches.

Podiatric Checkup—if you’ve been putting off a visit to the foot doctor to find the source of a nagging pain, stiffness or something unusual that you’ve noticed on one of your feet this may be the best gift of all. Our podiatrists, Dr. Victoria Foley and Dr. Constance Omelas will not only diagnose any discomfort you’ve been experiencing, they can also help make recommendations for shoes that will best suit your individual foot and the activities you do. To make an appointment, contact our Long Beach office at: 562-420-9800.

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