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Plantar Fasciitis Treatment: Top 4 Ways to Deal With Heel Pain

Dealing with heel pain can be a real pain in the foot, and unfortunately it’s not uncommon. Affecting many, is a condition called plantar fasciitis, where the tissue existing on the bottom of the foot becomes inflamed and causes sharp, stabbing heel pain. Typically, this pain is strongest when you initially step out of bed in the morning. Plantar fasciitis treatment may be the best solution to handle your foot pain, but it pays off to have your Long Beach podiatrist review your case once pain becomes apparent.

Who’s Most Commonly Affected?

From exercise to work, to our daily activities, we are on-the-go and on our feet. For some, the increased amount of pressure to the plantar fascia tissue can create pain, damage or torn ligaments. Most commonly affected are people who are:

  • Overweight
  • Runners
  • Pregnant
  • On their feet constantly at work

How in the Heel Am I to Deal?

Undealt with, it’s possible that plantar fasciitis can eventually alter the way you walk. It can also lead to surgery. However, the good news is that most times it can be treated with conservative methods. Here’s a look at the top 4 steps you can take to help heal the heel pain:

Healing Steps:
  • Apply Ice: Several times a day you can ice your feet to decrease the inflammation and reduce the pain.
  • Evaluate Your Shoe Choice: Consider the possibility that your shoe selection may not be providing adequate support. By using proper footwear and/or using inserts/custom orthotics, heel pain can be relieved.
  • Stretches: Instructed stretches for your Achilles heel and plantar fascia  exercises can work to strengthen leg muscles and diminish the pain.
  • Visit a Doctor: Often, conservative methods tend to lead to recovery, however if pain persists you should visit a doctor. After an examination, your doctor will evaluate your initial condition and review your options. Treatments may involve medications, various therapies, and in some cases, surgical procedures.

Healed Heels and Happy Feet

With all the hustle and bustle of life, no one wants plantar fasciitis to cross their path. But if you are dealing with this heel pain or discomfort, the dedicated doctors and staff at Superior Foot & Ankle Care Center can help. We see surgery as a last resort and strive to keep feet happy and healthy with educated assessments and preventative care methods. Contact our office today and voice any of your questions or concerns, or schedule an appointment with our podiatrists in Long Beach.

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