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How to Select the Proper Shoe for Running and Walking

When it comes to running or walking for exercise, we at Superior Foot & Ankle Center believe that the most important piece of equipment required is a good shoe that is properly fitted for your individual foot. You do not need different shoes for running and walking. Running shoes usually have more shock absorption and are fine for walking.

Below are some tips to help you choose the right shoe and get a good fit:

  • Start with an appointment with one of our podiatrists, Dr. Victoria Foley or Dr. Constance Ornelas. The right shoe for you will depend on your foot type. If you have a high arch or you wear a custom orthotic device, a cushioned neutral shoe is best. For someone with flat feet, a stability shoe is recommended. See our approved shoe list for specific brands and styles. Your foot doctor can make suggestions for particular styles or features if you have a toe deformity or other foot or ankle condition that will help protect the area and make running or walking more comfortable.
  • Get professionally fitted by a sports shoe expert. Most people have two different size feet. It’s essential to buy shoes to accommodate the larger foot. There should be a half-inch of space between your longest toe and the front of your shoe. A majority of people wear shoes that are too small for their feet and this leads to injury and deformity.
  • Wear the socks you will run or walk in when you go to try on shoes. We recommend a cotton blend or a sock with CoolMax. Bleach white socks to prevent athlete’s foot.
  • To avoid blisters, be sure that the heel of the shoe fits snugly and that the foot doesn’t slip when you walk. Also, run your hand around the inside of the shoe to check for rough stitching or bumps that can cause friction and result in a blister.
  • Take your time when trying on shoes. Walk around the store for several minutes. Many running shoe stores will have a treadmill so that you can try running in the shoes as well.
  • Remember to replace running/walking shoes after approximately 400 miles. Even good shoes lose their supportiveness once they are worn out and wearing them can present an increased risk of injury.

If you have more questions about running or walking and your feet, contact our Long Beach office by calling us at 562-420-9800.

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