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Often times, the importance of keeping feet healthy can get kicked under the rug and then easily forgotten. However, whether you’re going out for a run, shooting some hoops, or getting involved and supporting the Special Olympics, the value of proper foot care comes swiftly into play. While treatment from a Long Beach foot doctor is an appropriate way to ensure your individual needs get met, there are some general steps you can take to leading an active lifestyle with happy, healthier feet.

Lending a Helping Hand to Treat Feet

In the spirit of inclusion, involvement, and fun, thousands of people will come together for the 2015 Special Olympics World Games. With the help of students, residents, and other podiatrists, Dr. Foley of Superior Foot & Ankle Care Center will serve her cause by performing foot screenings on the 7,000 participating athletes from 177 countries. The goal of this service is to ensure each competitor has appropriate shoes and gets foot care advice, in the hopes of keeping their feet and the games going strong.

Foot Screenings Will Focus on These Feet Factors:
  • Proper footwear
  • Toenail fungus
  • Athlete’s foot

How to Handle After-Exercise Foot Pain

Athletes are commonly more afflicted by foot pain, as they rely on their feet to perform. Athlete or not, everyone can use a helping hand in dealing with this discomfort. Try following these 3 helpful tips, the next time you encounter foot pain after intense physical activities:

  1. Rest & Foot Elevation – While it may not be easy to tell an athlete or heavily active person to give it a rest, that’s just what might be necessary to find a little foot pain relief. Also, as you are in a relaxed position, elevate your feet above the waist to reduce the foot pain and reduce possible swelling.
  2. Ice – Applying ice is another way to alleviate foot discomfort, decrease inflammation, and numb the aches. This can work to relieve heel pain from a strained plantar fascia, but may be inadvisable for those with diabetes or circulation issues.
  3. Listen to Your Body – Just like in other areas of the body, if pain persists, your feet are possibly trying to get your attention. Forget the no pain, no gain adage and visit your Long Beach foot doctor. Regular foot check-ups and preventative care measures will help keep healthy feet strong and foot pain at bay.

Consult a Long Beach Podiatrist for Foot Pain Relief

No matter if you are involved in the Special Olympics or not, foot discomfort certainly has a way of getting in the way of exercise and day-to-day activities. The experienced doctors and staff at Superior Foot & Ankle Care Center are dedicated to helping out in the community and helping people everywhere have happy and healthy feet through quality treatment. Feel free to contact our office to schedule an appointment for foot pain relief.

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