Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins (2)

Friday, 08 December 2017 15:19

Holiday Shopping May Inflame Varicose Veins

Perhaps you never even noticed them before or maybe those unsightly veins were something you saw but didn’t think twice about because they weren’t bothering you in any way. During the holiday season, however, we at Superior Foot & Ankle Care Center often see an increase in the number of patients complaining about this disorder. Why? Standing for long periods of time—such as waiting on long lines to purchase your holiday gifts—puts extra pressure on veins and can result in pain and discomfort.

If you have varicose veins, you may notice that after a day at the mall your legs feel heavy and achy. The skin around the veins may be itchy or dry and the veins may actually throb or hurt. It’s not uncommon to have swelling in your feet, ankles or lower legs as well.

Getting Relief

If this occurs, it’s a good idea to make an appointment at our Venice office so that our podiatrists, Dr. Victoria Foley and Dr. Constance Omelas can examine your legs and feet. In some cases, varicose veins can signal a problem with your circulatory system. There are several conditions such as diabetes and peripheral vascular disease that are associated with blood flow issues. The doctor will want to rule out a more serious condition.

The treatment for your veins will depend on the source and the foot doctor will go over the options available and the best one for your particular situation. In some cases, the podiatrist will recommend minimally invasive surgery or laser therapy. Most often, however, conservative measures can be utilized to lessen the irritation to the veins. These include:

  • Wearing compression stockings
  • Elevating the legs, especially at the end of the day
  • Avoiding sitting or standing for long periods of time; take breaks if your job requires hours at your desk or standing up
  • A consistent exercise routine
  • Weight loss if you are currently overweight as this puts additional strain on your veins

If you are concerned about varicose veins or have additional questions about this condition, contact us by calling: 562-420-9800.

Wednesday, 05 April 2017 12:35

Varicose Veins and Foot Health

Many patients think that varicose veins are just a cosmetic issue but at Superior Foot & Ankle Care Center we know that they can be much more serious. The twisted and swollen veins that appear dark bluish in color occur when the valves inside the veins become stretched or weakened and blood pools in the veins which causes them to become enlarged. These veins are more likely to appear in your feet and lower legs because these veins are farthest from the heart and have to do the most work fighting against gravity to get the blood back to your heart. Varicose veins can be very painful and may also indicate a circulation issue. That’s why it’s important to have your varicose veins evaluated.

Treatment and Prevention

Our podiatrists, Dr. Victoria Foley and Dr. Constance Omelas will do a complete examination of your feet and lower legs and will want to get a medical history as well as information about your current lifestyle. If you have a history of blood clots or have had an injury to your leg, for example, you have a higher risk for varicose veins. For most patients, the risk of varicose veins increases with age and also if you are overweight and are not very active.

The treatment for varicose veins will depend on the cause and the severity of the discomfort you are experiencing. In many cases, losing weight and exercise can help reduced symptoms or prevent pain. The foot doctor may also suggest that you wear compression stockings, elevate your feet for some time each day and avoid long periods of standing or sitting. There are also surgical treatment options available.

If you have varicose veins, regardless of whether they are painful or not, make an appointment at our Long Beach office by calling: (562) 420-9800 and to discuss the best options for caring for them.

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