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Tuesday, 02 December 2014 08:13

Bunion Surgery Myths – Busted!

Bunions are common but can be a painful disturbance and can begin to intrude on your daily activities. There are several methods to slow the progression of bunions; however bunion surgery is the only way to rid your feet of them properly. Many times, individuals have simply avoided surgery because of things “they’ve heard”; here are a few myths – busted.

Myth #1 – Bunion Surgery is Too Painful!

Reality: Bunion surgery is no more painful than any other surgery. Any foot surgery can have its fair share of pain because of the little tissue surrounding the foot. However, patients do feel some discomfort post-surgery but feel it is tolerable with pain medication and rest.

Myth #2 – I Will Be Forced to Wear a Cast

Reality: Long before, it was necessary to wear a cast after bunion surgery, but now with medical advances and minimally invasive techniques the procedure typically does not require patients to wear a cast. Patients are able to mobilize a lot quicker and are provided a surgical shoe instead. However, your surgeon may consider a cast for larger bunions that require a more complex procedure.

Myth #3 – I Will Not Work for 2-3 Months!

Reality: Length of recovery depends on your type of workplace and whether your bunion surgery was more complex. Patients with mild bunion surgery can return to their desk job within two weeks, jobs that require constant walking and or standing may require a medical leave of absence for about three to four weeks.

Not all bunions are treated the same. Bunion surgery, like all surgeries, is different for each individual. Contact your foot doctor at Superior Foot & Ankle Care Center to learn more about your bunion treatment options today.

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