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Tuesday, 30 September 2014 08:03

Why do Bunions Hurt During Colder Weather

Many people who suffer from bunions tell their podiatrist that cold weather makes their bunion hurt worst. There is no evidence that cold weather is what is causing the increase in pain. Rather, foot doctors believe that it is the change in the type of foot wear people use during cold weather that causes the increase in pain.

Most patients seeking bunion treatment are women. During fall and winter, women stop wearing sandals and open-toed shoe styles and start wearing boots and closed-toed shoes. This big change in their footwear can cause irritation to the bunion.

Foot doctor Long Beach recognizes that there is an increase in bunion treatment during cold weather because patients wear shoes that aggravate the joint bursa. Once the joint bursa is aggravated, it becomes red and inflamed, causing the bunion to ache.

Bunions do not go away over time or on their own. Once a bunion forms, it is best to seek bunion treatment from a foot doctor Long Beach. People with bunions will have periods where the bunion does not hurt but over time, the bunion can become irritated and grow. Bunion treatment can be conservative and painless but it is up to the patient to seek treatment. Bunion surgery Long Beach is usually the final answer in safe, permanent bunion treatment.

Women love shoes and during the colder seasons, they seek out stylish boots. Unfortunately, those boots can cause more traumas to the feet. Bunions form on the big toe joint which can be pushed on by tight, ill-fitting, or leather boots. The problems and pain are increased when the boots have a heel. The pain during fall and winter can make some women wish they didn’t have to wear shoes at all.

The pain patients feel from winter style shoes does not just cause more pain now but it can cause bigger bunions over time. Harvard Health Publications urges women to wear the right kind of shoes. If you have a bunion, be mindful of wearing wide shoes with a flexible sole. Heels and boots will not accommodate the bunion and can make mattes much worse.

The bunion surgeon Long Beach patients trust most can discuss your bunion treatment options to begin your road to a bunion pain-free life.

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