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Wednesday, 18 December 2019 13:24

Give Your Feet the Gift of Good Shoes

At Superior Foot & Ankle Care Center, we are confident that if your feet could talk, they’d say all they want for Christmas is a pair of well-made, properly fitting shoes. Wearing shoes that are ill-fitting and of lesser quality can result in a host of ankle and foot problems and even injuries and foot deformities over time. Especially during the busy holiday season when you’re on your feet more than ever, it’s essential to have good shoes. Below are some tips on getting the best for your feet.

Start with a Checkup

If you haven’t been in a while or you have a progressive podiatric condition such as a bunion or flat feet, make an appointment at our Long Beach office by calling: (562) 420-9800. Our podiatrists, Dr. Victoria M. Foley and Dr. Constance Ornelas will examine your feet and ankles and, depending on your disorder, may order x-rays or other imaging studies to see how your condition is progressing. The podiatrist can then make recommendations about shoe designs that will give you maximum comfort and minimize biomechanical issues spurring on your condition. If the podiatrist prescribes an orthotic device, you’ll want to take it with you when shoe shopping to make sure the footwear you choose can accommodate it.

Go to a Professional

Your feet are too important to leave shoe choice to chance and guesswork. Go to a reputable shoe store. There you should find knowledgeable staff who can measure your feet to ensure the correct size and also direct you to shoes that will best suit your feet and the activity you plan to use them for.

Shop for Quality

Some general characteristics of a good shoe or boot include:

  • Soft, breathable material for the uppers that allows toes to wiggle freely
  • Thick soles for shock absorption
  • A good, non-slip tread
  • Cushioned insole
  • Heel height of 2 inches or less—but not completely flat
  • Adequate support in the arch

Get a Good Fit

Shop at the end of the day—that’s when your feet are at their largest and most swollen. Always try on both shoes with the type of socks you would typically wear with them and take your time walking around the store to make sure they feel comfortable.

Follow these simple tips and we know that feet throughout the Douglas Park/Los Angeles County area will enjoy a holiday that’s merry and bright!

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