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A pedicure at a professional salon is a relaxing treat that leaves nails looking pretty in sandals and open shoes. A fungal nail infection or a case of athlete’s foot, however, is not such a pleasant experience and one that we often see at Superior Foot & Ankle Care Center, as a result of poor sanitary practices at a salon. We want our patients to enjoy this “me time” activity safely. Below are some do’s and don’ts for ensuring you get a pedicure that will not harm your feet.

Do: Check out a salon you are considering for a pedicure before committing to an appointment. Visit first and observe the overall condition of the salon. Reputable salons are licensed and that certification from the state health or cosmetology department should be clearly displayed. Cleanliness should be a priority for the entire establishment. If restrooms are not clean, the floor is unswept, window sills are dusty or the cosmetologists themselves don’t have clean hands and nails, take the hint and go someplace else.

Don’t: use a whirlpool foot bath that has not been sanitized after the client before you. Some salons now have plastic inserts that can be thrown away after each customer.

Do: bring your own pedicure tools—clippers, files etc. Ditto for flip flops which should be worn at all times in the salon. If you do need to use the salon’s tools be sure that they come out of individually wrapped packages or are sanitized properly in a machine or with sanitizing solution.

Don’t: allow the nail technician to use razors to remove calluses or dead skin on your feet. This can create a cut that can lead to an infection.

Don’t: shave your legs right before your pedicure appointment. Better that you have hairy legs and avoid bacteria entering the skin through the tiny cuts caused by shaving.

Do: Make an appointment at our Long Beach office by calling: (562) 420-9800 if you do notice any signs of fungal infection, such as itchy, red patches on the skin of your feet or between your toes or nails that are getting thick, discolored or are starting to peel and crumble around the edges. Infections will not clear up on their own and can spread if left untreated.  Our podiatrists, Dr. Victoria Foley and Dr. Constance Omelas will examine your feet and nails and prescribe the correct treatment if an infection has occurred.

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